To realize our highest quality demands, our winemaking is a combination of handwork in the vineyard, from pruning until harvest, and modern cellar techniques. This requires constant control and supervision of all processes, from the grape to the finished wine. All tanks are temperature-controlled. In our laboratory, we precisely analyse every stage of the production and ripening process to examine and optimize the development of VEGA ENIX wines.
In harvest the crushed grapes fall directly into the fermentation tanks, which are in a lower level. Like this we don’t need to use any pump during this step and less bitter tannins enter the must. The extended contact with grape skins gives our wines intense colour. For the following winemaking steps we consider it the same, regarding the usage of pumps and treatments. Less is more. Only the necessary.

VEGA ENIX wines develop almost exclusively in French Oak barrels of 225 l capacity. Depending on the variety the wine remains in barrels between several months or up to approximately two years. In this period we try to create a perfect balance of wine and wood and to highlight VEGA ENIX`s unique way.

All VEGA ENIX Wines are Estate-bottled and sealed with natural cork. Before being offered the bottles continue ageing for at least eighteen months in a natural cave underneath the vineyard.