Embedded in the mountains of the Sierra de Gador and blessed of the mediterranean sun, we discover at 750 meters height in the midst of the province of Almería traces of a medieval past. In the little village called Enix the traveller can still discover winding alleys, whitewashed houses and gnarly trees of past times. Enix can only exist because a water fount gives life. It was and always has been the centre of the village.
Still today, the inhabitants of the village gather at the fount, not only for the purpose of getting water but also to talk to each other, to meet friends and to ensure themselves that their village marks a borderline to the hectic pace of our civilisation.

The mild climate there is due to the immediate vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea. Almond and olive trees prosper here, forming with the colours of their blossoms a splendid contrast to the little white houses. Sporadically you can find stones and the remains of old terraces that had been built by hand decades ago. Already then, vineyards covered the land wresting every spot of fertile soil.