Finca Anfora

In search of a virgin spot with a certain microclimate, predestined for winegrowing and having the vision of creating a wine of excellent quality in mind, we decided after having searched for a long time in favour of the region surrounding Almería. Here we found an up to then unused but marvellous potential for creating a wine of unique taste.

In 1995 we founded FINCA ANFORA and planted the vines on terrain that had been used for viticulture ever since but eventually had almost sunk into oblivion. Thereby we could revitalise an old tradition.

The construction of FINCA ANFORA turned out to be difficult and very protracted. First of all we were obliged to remove the stratum in order to reach the fertile layer underneath, followed by shifting and dispersing the mould, so that the vines could find nutritious soil for prospering. To prevent soil erosion we built tremendous walls with our bare hands, using the removed natural stone. Thus a terrace-like construction was formed on which the water could optimally be dispersed and used.

FINCA ANFORA is situated within a typical Mediterranean ambience, whose particularities were integrated in our facilities. There is, for example, a natural cave used as a meeting point for wine tastings. Aside an andalusian-style pavilion and several adjoining buildings serve for the purpose of conferences and congresses. In the adjacent garden the visitor can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the mildness of the climate.

To create an excellent wine it needs more than fertile soil and a special climate with long sun hours. You need to feel the power of the land and know how to use it. With great respect for this place and patience for the ripening process, we are convinced to offer the world a wine with an unique personality.

As a symbol for our wine we have chosen the amphora. At the times of the Phoenicians the amphora was used as a jar in which wine and other products were transported. The Phoenicians were the first ones to sail around Africa and made wine popular throughout the world. The amphora is the symbol of this time, linking the history of wine all over the world and beyond all cultures.